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2022 Visitors:

Get Ready for the Smart Popcorn Media Network

We've hinted about it in the podcast, but now that the domains are all bought, paid for, and hosted, we can make it more official: SMART-POPCORN.com is expanding into the Smart Popcorn Media Network!

Have you read... Kernan's review of
X-Men: The Last Stand?
Take a look.
More News & Reviews: The BendFilm Festival

The BendFilm Festival was founded for the purpose of releasing art from its commercial ties so that cinematic genius can flow unfettered.  As an independent filmmaker, Central Oregon resident, and newcomer to the festival scene, Brian Johnson reports on the ups and downs of this fledgling event.

Podcast! Podcast! Podcast!

Toga! ...err, podcast! The SMART-POPCORN.com Podcast is up & running in full gear, with two episodes in the can, RSS and Atom feeds, and even a listing in the iTunes podcast directory. Thom explains what exactly a podcast is (it's a sort of downloadable Internet radio show), how to subscribe and listen to a podcast, and what our current features and future plans are.

Can't Stop the Signal

Serenity has suffered a rough landing at the box office.  Thom, a newly converted Firefly fan, is prepared to beg & plea for others to help keep this stellar franchise alive.  This is a must-read for anyone who appreciates inventive writing & creativity on television and film!

The Review System Explained

What makes a movie "Smart Popcorn"? Why use two scales instead of one? We'll explore these answers and more, with The Review System Explained.

We Want You... to Review!

Smart-Popcorn.com exists by providing a wide variety of tastes and opinions to its viewers, and we need new blood! If you're an aspiring journalist or writer, looking for a foothold into the film industry, or if simply have a strong opinion on films, this is the perfect opportunity for you!

Third Time's a Charm

Dig the new digs?  Version 3 of Smart-Popcorn is live, and Thom crawls out from Under the Fold to commemorate the occasion.  He'll explain what's been done, and what's yet to come.

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