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Under the Fold:

War Contingency


Thirty days, eight movies?

That's about the pace I'm on with my review-a-thon. I'm not sure what's to blame. I've been glued to my television, and not watching DVDs. For a movie watcher like me, that only happens during time of world conflict, or a weekend-long Simpsons marathon. There are other things, too: misadventures in dating (not to turn this into one of Dante's columns), reading the X-Men 2 novelization cover-to-cover, working a little more than usual, trying to pimp my web design skills for money, and paying $6 a whack to see a number of movies I've yet to review. (Yeah, I'll get to those tomorrow.) In all honesty, I haven't been in a writing mood, and have been devoid of self-control. That's the reason I'm running about thirteen reviews short of my promise.

But I'll just take the route being popularized by entertainers, liberal politicians, protesters, economists, the French, probably the Dutch (What's up, Sjoerd?), and numerous others... I'll blame it on the war.

Yeah, what about this war? Well, I have plenty of opinions. Strong opinions. And I'll be more than willing to offer them to whoever so desires to hear them. E-mail me. But you know, if you follow the entertainment industry at all, probably even if you haven't, then you've heard all the Martin Sheens, the Michael Douglases, Susan Sarandons, Janeane Garofoloes, Dixie "Ritual Career Suicide" Chicks, and Sean "Why haven't I been shot and killed like all good rappers?" Combses. You may or may not be sick to death of them already.

So I'm not going to join their ranks. I'm not going to use what little (read: imaginary) recognition I have to stand on a soapbox and comment on subjects I'm by no means expert about at all. I'll just leave my opinion-forming at this:

"Far worse than war is indifference in the face of brutal oppression."

That's all, folks. Move along now. These aren't the droids you're looking for. If you want a good pro-war opinion from somebody who's actually famous, listen to Bruce Willis.

In Other News:

As I mentioned above, I finished the X2 novelization. If the book is a good indication, we're into an even bigger treat than we received from the first movie. Whereas X-Men spent most of its time introducing the characters and familiarizing the audience with the concept of "mutants", the sequel looks to jump in head-first and create a lot of dynamics & relationships between the now-familiar characters. For the popcorn fiends, it should offer tons more action as well--not your generic superhero kung-fu fistfights, either, but effects-rich scenes tailor made for the characters' abilities. May 2, people... I can't wait!

Oh, yeah... I just remembered. If you're in the need for a web designer, e-mail me. I'm worse than broke, so my rates are dirt cheap.

As always, send your hate mail to Dante, but if you have an opinion on my article or the site, feel free to write me as well.

Author: Thom Stricklin 498 Words Published: 28 March 2003
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