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X2 X-Travaganza!


X2, the sequel to X-Men, came to theatres May 2 and was expected to be one of the biggest films of the year. Our very own Thom, Dante, and The Doorman (a.k.a. Phil) were present for an early press screening, and here they sound off--united--with their opinions on the film. And so it seems, young and old, fanboy and stranger, human and mutant alike agree: X2 delivers!

Take a look:

Thom's Review of X2
Dante's Review of X2
The Doorman's Review of X2

Tune in to Smart-Popcorn.com as we will be offering further X2 coverage and more reviews.

Mutants in our Midst

Thursday night, Thom and Phil attended the employee screening of X2 at the local theatre. In addition from seeing this cool flick a second time, Phil took part in an X-Men costume contest. There a number of attempts, like an aluminum-foil Colossus and a furry-tailed Beast, but two entrants were strikingly convincing.

Pictured here is Phil (right) as Wolverine standing next to contest winner Brien K., as X2 newcomer Nightcrawler.

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