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Get Ready for the Smart Popcorn Media Network


We've hinted about it in the podcast, but now that the domains are all bought, paid for, and hosted, we can make it more official: SMART-POPCORN.com is expanding into the Smart Popcorn Media Network! What's this mean? It means we're bringing our unique philosophy of review to TV, music, video games, tech innovations, and podcasts. A new website will be dedicated to each media type, and each will offer a custom blend of review and ratings criteria, as we feel is most appropriate for the topics at hand.

Now that you have a basic understanding of the Media Network, it's time to meet SMART-POPCORN.com's new sister sites:

Phonic Forum (www.phonicforum.com)

Billy D.--one of the original contributors to SMART-POPCORN.com--understands the obsessive nature of countless music fans and audiophiles. That obsession is precisely what he hopes to tap into with Phonic Forum. Reviews will be taken to the third dimension, evaluating an album's technical achievement, originality, and enjoyability, and in some cases will lock in on lyrical content.


I used to think video game reviews didn't belong alongside movie reviews, but that is no longer the case. With the Xbox 360 and forthcoming PS3 pushing the cinematic limits of gaming to new heights, and with the Nintendo Wii threatening to change the way we think of video games, there is perhaps no better time to unveil ConsoleCritics.com to the world.

The Critical Circuit (www.criticalcircuit.com)

I must geek... For years, I've desired a place to reflect on the latest & greatest tech news, the most recent cases being the Apple MacBook or Google Spreadsheets. Now, with The Critical Circuit, I'll finally have a place to express my opinion. The Critical Circuit will cover all ranges of tech news, from the newest gadgets to Web 2.0 mashups to industry trends.


As the name might imply, SP-TV.com takes its cues directly from SMART-POPCORN.com. Not unlike Kiefer Sutherland's mega-success with 24, we're optimistic that our relevance and insight into the big-screen blockbusters and art-house gems will survive the jump to the small screen.


It's no secret that we love podcasting at Smart Popcorn. What began last year as a short-lived side project of mine, Podfair.com is now perfectly suited as a member of our new Media Network. A still-fledgling medium, podcasting leaves the door open for continued innovation--which is just what we have in mind. Not only will Podfair.com be an avenue for rating and ranking podcasts in ways that iTunes, Yahoo and Odeo fall short of; it will be a platform for pushing open standards and the latest web technology among an already bleeding-edge user base.


CNN has Atlanta, Ebert has The Chicago Sun-Times, Statler & Waldorf have the balcony. We have Smartpop.net, the future base of operations for the Smart Popcorn Media Network. Smartpop.net will act as a literal hub between the other sites, and many of our operations--user accounts, forums, and e-mail, will be centralized there as well. In the event that we expand into even more areas, you'll find out about it here.

Creating a family of six new websites is certainly a tall order to fill, but it doesn't preempt our other plans already in place--the Global Community, user-submitted reviews, and the like. What's it all mean? I've got a long, hard summer of coding ahead of me, that's what it means. So, I must now excuse myself from this announcement to get back to the grunt work. Keep watching!

Author: Thom Stricklin 573 Words Published: 13 June 2006
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