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Celebrities must be the most useless people in the world. I question whether or not I really want to pursue a filmmaking career, at risk of becoming one of them.

Anyone seen the latest reality TV shows? They've gone a step further and have decided to use second-string celebs for their subjects. First was Surreal Life, a rather tame example with little drama aside from the perpetually whiny Corey Feldman. However, it was interesting to note that none of the celebrities--not even the once-harsh Vince Neil--have ever gone camping.

Now the big show on the block is I'm a Celebrity, Get Me Out of Here!, and if Surreal didn't go far enough, this show may go too far. A troop of ten or so virtually unknown "celebrities" (Robin Leech is the most recognizable of the bunch) have been sent camping in the Australian bush and are daily subjected to a variety of Fear Factor-esque trials, almost consistently involving leeches and other blood-sucking parasites and just as consistently humiliating and belittling of the celebrities. However, these people don't need any help at seeming pitiful. Distraught at the ideas of preparing their own food, bedding down in a sleeping bag, and dealing with mud and water when it rains, they don't seem to realize they're doing what many people consider recreational. "Roughing it" is a four-letter word to these people. What's worst is it took them a week to realize they might've expected as much from a show called I'm a Celebrity, Get Me Out of Here!.

Are all celebrities this impotent? This... useless? Are actual celebs (i.e., those who are still or have ever been famous) even worse? I hope not. It'd be hard to respect an actor or filmmaker or someone who, despite their primary talents, is so otherwise inequipped to handle real life.

You know, odds are I won't become a celebrity. I'm dead set on making a living from screenwriting and/or filmmaking, but even then you're not that well-known, unless you're Spielberg. And I don't really care about fame, either... just a chance to make a difference, make people think or have a laugh. But if I ever do get famous, I will volunteer for one of these babies and show the other celebrities that it's not so hard to cope with things. Of course, they'd probably all end up hating me for that attitude, and I'd end up in a catfight with a has-been actress from the '70s. But hey, that'd be cool, too.

In other news...

Not much is going on with the site right now. I'm busiest trying to code an RSS (really simple syndication) page that should give our reviews exponentially greater exposure. It's difficult to describe how it works exactly... It would be simplest to say it involves "packaging" a select amount of material from the database in a manner that other sites can read easily, publish, and in turn, attract users back to read the whole article. Moreover, these syndicated sites often build off one-another, so the information travels almost virally through news systems. It's cool. As I said, should get a fair amount of people reading our reviews and my worthless rant column. =P

I'm also divvying weekly chores up between Dante and myself. Like those top ten lists that list month-old information. Yeah, we're gonna get better about that. When more comes to fruition... I'll write another poinless rant. ;)

Author: Thom Stricklin 570 Words Published: 2 March 2003
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