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Under the Fold:

Thirty Days, Thirty Movies


I cleaned my room today.

In case you don't understand, this isn't some simple set of tasks like making the bed and emptying the hamper. In fact, I didn't even get around to those yet. No, I'm a college student and a bachelor and a male. On top of that, I'm busy between work and school trying to expand a website and write a screenplay. So here's what cleaning the room consists of for me:

Clean the desk. Remove plates, wrappers, cans. Remove about ten water bottles. Put papers in desk. Remove more plates, papers, and bottles from the printer stand. On to the floor. Toss still more paper plates and water bottles. Scoop up gadgets and put them back in the "drawer o' stuff". Untangle various wires. Take piles of dirty clothes and put them in hamper. Take piles of clean clothes and put them in dresser. Dresser now. Put papers from top of dresser in desk, comics in cubby hole. Find books laying around; place them back in bookshelves. Find remote control under bed, place on desk.

It's not that I'm a complete slob. Nor is it that I go years without cleaning, although making the bed is a different story. I just believe in cleaning en masse, say every week or so... Call me crazy, but I think it's more efficient that way. Why make a hundred trips to the kitchen trashcan, when I can take the same amount of junk in two or three trips and enjoy fewer interruptions in the tasks at hand? Why put away books that I'm just going to get back out in an hour or so? Why remove the water bottles when they stack relatively well?

Somewhere among this mess, there were a handful of DVDs strung about. As I returned them to the shelf, I decided to count my DVDs and learned I had thirty-five, most of which I haven't reviewed. A couple of them are documentaries or otherwise not applicable to normal review, and a few were missing in action, but that left me with 30 or more movies to review. Why then, wasn't I reviewing them.

I'm going to. Today, nearly midway through March, I've declared the beginning of Thom's Month of Movies Review-a-thon. Each day for the next thirty days or more, I will review a film from my personal collection. Here goes nothin'...

March 11: Amelie
March 12: Good Will Hunting
March 13: Spider-Man (revisited)
March 14: Contact (revisited)
March 15: It Happened One Night

As the month continues, I will update this page to add each daily review to the list.

In other news...

Did anybody watch the end of I'm a Celebrity, Get Me Out of Here? Well, I must say, for a show that was otherwise almost humiliating for all of humankind, I was genuinely pleased to see Chris Judd win. I dig Affeck, and I'm glad he seems happy with J.Lo, but I can't find a single reason why dumped this Chris Judd guy in the first place. Was he too nice for her? I don't know. But it was great to see the nice guy finish first, for a change.

We have a chat room! Yes, thanks to the XWorld IRC servers, we now have a channel to chat live amongst each other. Furthermore, to make the process more convenient (as IRC is not the most user-friendly chat program), I've set up a simple, Java-based applet you can access through the website via the link on the left menu. I recommend using the smaller "POP" link, which will open the applet in a new, compact window. I hope to see you on!

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