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Post21 Sep 2007 11:51 am
Post subject: So, I just purchased the 'Death Proof' dvd
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I purchased the Death Proof dvd, as upon later viewings of Grindhouse the movie started to grow on me much more so than it did upon my initial viewing of the picture, which you can read my thoughts on that here:

And I can only hope that some of you went and saw Grindhouse as it was originally intended to be shown as a double feature experience when it was in theaters, as it seems now so that the Weinsteins can cut their losses on their "failure" we're, for right now only going to be able to get these movies as separate dvds.

'Death Proof' as it's own film is pretty good, nowhere near any of his other work, but still it's a decent picture. The intentionally put scratches and blips on the film and the b-movie style editing however lose their original effect when just presented as a single film however. I'd watched this movie with a friend last night who hadn't seen Grindhouse, and I had to explain to him more than a few times why the movie looked like it did.

It's a 2 disc special edition dvd, though from what I've seen thus far, most of these extras could have been put onto a single disc, but the 2 disc dvd set makes a movie more appealing to cinephiles I suppose, even if there's not really enough material to warrant such a presentation.

The only real benefit I can see of releasing them separately is now you can get an intermission in between pictures, though that could also have been managed with a simple thing called the pause button. But, anything to make the producers more money I guess.

I'm sure at some point we will get Grindhouse on dvd as it was meant to be, but by that point I'll have already owned Planet Terror and Deathproof, so it'd take a lot to get me to shell out more money on movies I already own.
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