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Terminator: Salvation (2009)

R 130 minutes

Directed by McG
Written by John D. Brancato, Michael Ferris

  Christian Bale
  Sam Worthington
  Anton Yelchin
  Bryce Dallas Howard
  Moon Bloodgod
  Helena Bonham Carter


Synopsis: In the year 2003, death row inmate Marcus Wright (Sam Worthington) donates his body to Cybernet. He awakens 15 years later amidst the world of the machines. He meets up with Kyle Reese (Anton Yelchin) a young man who holds the key to humanity's future. After Reese is captured by Skynet, Wright sets out to find John Connor (Christian Bale), the one man who can save him.



AuthorDate SmartsPopcornCRD
Reel Hero 25 May 2009 66 85 74-19
Philter 27 Jun 2009 50 80 63-30
Average: (3 Reviews) 60 82 70-22


Smarts Average:60%
Popcorn Average:82%
Combined Average:70%  Margin of Error:+/- 15%
Number of Reviews:3  Consensus:3 out of 3
Confidence:69%  Verdict:Candy Corn


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