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The Haunting In Connecticut (2009)

PG-13 92 minutes

Directed by Peter Cornwell
Written by Adam Simon, Tim Metcalfe

  Virginia Madsen
  Kyle Gallner
  Elias Koteas
  Martin Donovan
  Amanda Crew


Synopsis: The Campbell family moves into a house in Connecticut near a hospital where their son Matt (Kyle Gallner) can recieve his cancer treatment. However, the family is in more then they bargain for when it's revealed that their home used to be a funeral home where seances were conducted and the spirits of hundreds of bodies are trapped.



AuthorDate SmartsPopcornCRD
Reel Hero 30 Jul 2009 52 66 58-14
Average: (1 Review) 52 66 58-14


Smarts Average:52%
Popcorn Average:66%
Combined Average:58%  Margin of Error:+/- 69%
Number of Reviews:1  Consensus:1 out of 1
Confidence:31%  Verdict:Undetermined


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