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Oldboy (2003)

R 120 minutes

Directed by Chan-wook Park
Written by Jo-yun Hwang, Chun-hyeong Lim, Chan-wook Park, Garon Tsuchiya

  Min-sik Choi
  Ji-tae Yu
  Hye-jeong Kang

Action, Mystery, Suspense

Synopsis: It would be a sin to reveal too much about this riveting and bizarre thriller from Korean director Chan Wook Park, except to say that it's about a man named Dae-Su (Choi Min-Sik) who is locked in a hotel room for 15 years without knowing his captor's motives. When he is finally released, Dae Su finds himself still trapped in a web of conspiracy and strangeness. His own quest for vengeance becomes tied in with romance when he falls for an attractive sushi chef (Gang Hye-Jung), who feeds him live octopus and who may or may not be involved with the bizarre mystery. This is all served up in a striking palette of purples and dark reds; oozing with post-neo-noir style, and stuffed with insanely malicious twists and turns. Choi Min-Sik is terrific in the lead, counterbalancing over-the-top hysterics with deadpan cool to run the gamut of Asian antihero traits. There are intense fight scenes (Dae Su's favorite weapon is a hammer), look-away moments of torture and self-mutilation, sex, and gallons of black humor. Not for the squeamish, but for those seeking something wholly original and daring, this cinematic entree is alive--it's hard to imagine a better slice of psycho-shock sensationalism.

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AuthorDate SmartsPopcornCRD
Sprouticus 04 Aug 2004 89 73 8016
Matt 13 May 2005 74 88 80-14
Kernan [QR] 26 Jan 2006 88 69 7819
Average: (3 Reviews) 83 76 807


Smarts Average:83%
Popcorn Average:76%
Combined Average:80%  Margin of Error:+/- 15%
Number of Reviews:3  Consensus:3 out of 3
Confidence:74%  Verdict:Smart Popcorn



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