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Shopgirl (2005)

R 104 minutes

Directed by Anand Tucker
Written by Steve Martin

  Claire Danes
  Jason Schwartzman
  Steve Martin

Comedy, Drama, Romance

Synopsis: Based on Steve Martin's best-selling novella, "Shopgirl" is a story of love in the modern age. Mirabelle (Claire Danes) works the glove counter at a high end department store in Beverly Hills, selling things that nobody buys anymore. An artist struggling to keep up with even the minimum payment on her credit card and student loans, she lives a quiet life and keeps to herself until a rich, handsome fiftysomething named Ray Porter (Martin) sweeps her off her feet. Mirabelle revels in the attention, the sex, and especially, being in love, but somewhere, subconsciously, she realizes that the relationship cannot last. Soon, she has to make a decision: will she stick with Ray, hoping that his feelings for her might grow, or does she take a chance with Jeremy (Jason Schwartzman), a musician who may offer more?

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AuthorDate SmartsPopcornCRD
Kernan [QR] 15 Dec 2005 88 82 846
Black Sheep 12 Jun 2006 40 45 42-5
Average: (2 Reviews) 64 63 631


Smarts Average:64%
Popcorn Average:63%
Combined Average:63%  Margin of Error:+/- 43%
Number of Reviews:2  Consensus:2 out of 2
Confidence:57%  Verdict:Undetermined


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