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SMART-POPcast Episode 17

Duration: HH:MM:SS - Published: Friday, May 26, 2006

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Recorded mid-week and released almost in time for the next episode!  The crew responds to some feedback, Mitch pokes holes in Poseidon, and Thom reviews Da Vinci Code and Over the Hedge.  Enhanced AAC format.

SMART-POPcast Episode 16

Duration: 56:36 - Published: Monday, May 15, 2006

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We're back!  We're trying something different this week--Enhanced AAC format, so you can search by chapter!  If you have any problems, you can download the MP3 version here:

SMART-POPcast Episode 16 (MP3)


Cast: Thom Stricklin, Mitch Goossen, and Phil Stricklin


  • Movie Review: Mission: Impossible 3
  • Preview Reviews
    • Casino Royale
    • Superman Returns - Trailer 2
    • X-Men: The Last Stand - 7-Minute Sneak Peek
  • Industry News
    • Lucas to release original Star Wars Original Trilogy.
    • Clerks 2 moves on up--with its release date.
Next Episode: Who knows when we'll be back, but we'll be back.  Hopefully to review The DaVinci Code.

SMART-POPcast Episode 15

Duration: 18:41 - Published: Thursday, March 16, 2006

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Surprise!  We do exist!  Thom and Mitch discuss the X3 trailer in this new, shorter version of the SMART-POPcast.

SMART-POPcast Episode 14: Beyond the Superbowl

Duration: 1:19:54 - Published: Monday, February 6, 2006

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New movies stink, so join us for an all-news episode of the SMART-POPcast!

Cast: Thom Stricklin, Mitch Goossen


  • Site News
    • Mitch, congrats on the new title: "Project Manager".  His grand prize?  When Thom is being lazy and slacking off on new features and releases, he gets to kick him in the butt.
    • Due to a shake-up of the staff on SP, and the fact that the movies in theatres stink right now, we're throttling back to a biweekly schedule for the time being.
    • Introducing...  the Global Community.  If you know of a site that may wish to affiliate, make them known to us!  Email: goglobal@smart-popcorn.com
  • Boll Welcomes Razzy
    • Why hasn't this guy felt the "Crocodile Dundee" factor?
    • Even though Mitch (along with the rest of the world) think his films are awful, the man is doing what he loves.
  • WB ready to unroll P2P Movie Downloads
    • The simple matter of WB's involvement makes this implementation smell of "gimmick"...  but it's an interesting first step.
  • Website offers Public Domain Movies via BitTorrent
    • Oh great, movies Thom's professors couldn't get him to watch in film class, this website want s him to go to the efforts of downloading.
    • Just kidding...  Not sure of the appeal (and the site itself is almost archaic as the films) but if it means kids might see movies made before 1977, Thom's game.
  • MPAA sues over Phantom Movie
    • And so it begins: a consumer possibly sued over maintaining an insecure WiFi network.
  • Kevin Smith goes for the NC-17 Gold with Clerks 2
    • Thom likes Kevin Smith's stuff, but he'll reserve judgement for when he see the flick.  Smith said similar things about Jersey Girl, and while it wasn't the stinker many made it out to be amid the Gigli/Bennifer bad hype, it wasn't as good as Chasing Amy.
    • Considering it only cost about 5 million dollars to make, Mitch really doesn't see how this movie will tank at the box office, not including the DVD sales.
    • Plus they (Kevin & Harvey) are talking about a 1000 screen launch.
    • So even just for a first day screening if it made $5,000 per screen it will make its money back.
    • Thom doesn't worry about the commercial viability...  He just don't quiiiite trust him when he says it's his best flick yet.
  • Galactus and Silver Surfer as Fantastic Four 2 villians
    • Au contrair...  Comics Continuum (a more reliable website according to Comics2Film.com) says such claims are "inaccurate".
    • In fact, Rob Worley (C2F, our guest on Episode 6) says he has "no doubt" the Continuum checked it with the Marvel offices.  He may've been saying that extremely deadpan and sarcastic, but Thom thinks he was on the level.
    • Months of internet speculation fodder RUINED in one fell swoop.
  • Rothman tells some on X3, and the future of the franchise.
    • Right now, Thom is more concerned with what goes down on X3 than whether or not the franchise will continue.
    • Call him a fan of Wolverine, snikty snikt!
Next Episode: Amid a recent wave of news buzz, the Firefly episode--at last!

SMART-POPcast Episode 13

Duration: 9:56 - Published: Wednesday, January 25, 2006

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We're back!  Episode 13 is here, and it's less than ten minutes long...  We challenged ourselves to review three movies in ten minutes, and we succeeded.  Stop reading; go listen!

Cast: Mitch Goossen, Thom Stricklin, Phil Stricklin


  • Movie Review: Brokeback Mountain
  • Movie Review: Two for the Money
  • Movie Review: Grandma's Boy

SMART-POPcast Episode 12

Duration: 1:03:57 - Published: Tuesday, December 13, 2005

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Casually late, Episode 12 is here.  Mitch is a big fat liar...  He's back again this week, alongside Thom.  We've got a contest for you this week!  Read the show notes below & listen for details.

Cast: Mitch Goossen, Thom Stricklin


  • DVD Giveaway: Cinderella Man
    • Get your chance to own this unfortunately overlooked depression-era gem.
    • Send an e-mail to contests@smart-popcorn.com and include your name and shipping address.
    • Give us your thoughts about Episode 12--good or bad, it's all good to us.
    • Winner will be chosen at random.  Odds depend on number of entrants.  Standard rules apply--you must be over 18, a resident of the United States, and must not be a SMART-POPCORN.com staff member or family thereof.
  • Movie Review: Aeon Flux
  • Movie Review: The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe
  • Movie Review: Syriana
  • Industry News
    • Rest in peace, Richard Pryor. 1940-2005.
    • Pictures of Beast and Angel, and the X3 "announcement teaser" is up.  Looks like Ratner might not screw up the franchise.
    • Rumors of a Serenity sequel to be released on the Sci Fi Channel have Mitch & Thom hopeful.
Next Week: There's no place I can be, since I've found Serenity.  You can't take the sky from meeeee...

"24 Hours" provided by LaromLab.  For more information, visit: www.myspace.com/laromlab

No SMART-POPcast This Week

Author: Thom Stricklin - Published: Sunday, December 4, 2005

 So I decided because the only big new movie coming out was Aeon Flux, it totally wasn't worth doing the POPcast this week. Instead I'm gonna do a little housekeeping, getting ready for the one or two new shows we'll be starting up. (I'm gonna rewrite how the podcasts are handled on the backend, so...) Between Narnia (right?) and the wide release of Syriana, we'll definitely be back next week.

Till then, may the (slightly stale by now) CORN be with you.

SMART-POPcast Episode 11

Duration: 55:01 - Published: Monday, November 28, 2005

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Recorded a day early...  Presented to you late, as usual!  SMART-POPCORN.com's own Evan Ramirez ("iv3rdawG" on the boards) joins us, and Mitch leaves us for greener pastures.  (Fortunately, he's still grazing on our territory.)

Cast: Thom Stricklin, Mitch Goossen, Evan Ramirez


  • Movie Review: The Ice Harvest
    • Evan was hoping for a Bad Santa-style comedy...  no such luck.
    • Are there really mobsters in Wichita?
    • Thom waxes unnecessarily scientific over the ratio of strip clubs to police officers in the movie versus real life.
    • Here's some existentialism for you: the movie sucks, and then the credits roll.  Don't bother.
  • Movie Review: Rent
    • Thom rants about STDs, heroin junkies, and depressed people singing in major keys.
    • Anthony Rapp (the "other" dork from Dazed & Confused) has the most interesting character, and all he does is get a job while everyone else mooches off him.
    • Insert obligatory joke related to "525,600 minutes".
  • Industry News
    • Rest in peace, Pat Morita.  You'll forever wax on in our hearts.
    • BitTorrent founder Bram Cohen pledges to remove links to bootlegs.
    • Peter Jackson butts heads with the Directors' Guild over King Kong animators' credits.
    • A high school teacher is sacked for showing Elizabeth without parental consent.
    • Mel Gibson takes on Ray Lines' CleanFlix for distributing an edited copy of Passion.
Next Week: Reviews for Aeon Flux and anything but Tom Arnold's new movie.  Will Thom be all by his lonesome next week?  Let's hope not.

SMART-POPcast Episode 10

Duration: 1:04:03 - Published: Monday, November 21, 2005

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Episode 10 is ready!  Sorry about the delay.  You know the drill.

Cast: Thom Stricklin, Mitch Goossen, and Phil Stricklin


  • Movie Review: Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire
    • Mitch is such a Potter geek--of course he loved it.
    • It took four years, but Thom finally sat through a Harry Potter movie.
    • Brendan Gleeson ruled as MadEye Moody.
    • Emma Watson lent emotional weight to the central trio.
    • We can't wait to see Snape kill Dumbledore...  Nooooooo!!!
  • Movie Review: Walk the Line
    • Uh-huh, it's less biopic than love story.  Yes, it featured Reese Witherspoon--and yes, Thom actually liked it anyhow!
    • Joaquin became Johnny Cash, voice and all.  The singing here was better than Ray.
    • Sex, drugs, and rock & roll were all present, but were handled subtly and didn't overstay their welcome.
  • Movie Review: Zathura
    • Phil enjoyed this surprisingly sentimental family flick.
    • Dax Shepard lends the film some humor, but the kids shine brightest.
    • Nicest guy in Hollywood, Jon Favreau is finding a good niche as a family-friendly director.
  • Preview Review: Superman Returns
    • Just looks like more of the same.  We saw this in Donner's Superman, and much of it in Smallville too.
    • Brandon Routh (err...  rhymes with 'south') is a close lookalike to Chris Reeves, but why bother?
    • Phil still prefers to wait for X-Men 3.
  • Industry News
    • Yes, more Blu-Ray happenings.
    • Sony's film division has had two "hits" this year: Hitch and The Grudge.  When The Grudge is a tentpole film for a studio, they're definitely in trouble.
    • NBC debuts a legal peer-to-peer distribution network, but is Wurld Media's reputation something to worry about?  (Mitch says two words: AD WARE.)
Next Week: Evan joins us to review Syriana, Ice Harvest, and more.

Have a Happy Thanksgiving! 

SMART-POPcast Episode 9

Duration: 1:08:06 - Published: Monday, November 14, 2005

NEW! Listen - Download: MP3

Hey all.  Episode 9 is here!  Due to server problems, no show notes right now, but I'll get them added in tomorrow.
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