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X2: X-Men United (2003)

PG-13 134 minutes

Directed by Bryan Singer
Written by Michael Dougherty, Daniel Harris, David Hayter

 · Hugh Jackman
 · Patrick Stewart
 · Ian McKellan

Review by Dante

Before the Daredevil movie or even before Spiderman, there was X-Men. Since 2000, there has been a surge of few comics turned to film, likely do to the earlier success of movies such as Superman and Batman. While a lot of people that chose to see the first X-Men movie were likely fans of the comic, I was and have never been a fan. I'm the average viewer... not an X-Men connoisseur by any means. When I went to see the first X-Men movie, I was hoping for entertainment at best. My wish was granted and it was more than compelling. I still was not what anybody would refer to as a "fan."

When I started to see all the previews for X-Men 2, it looked like much the same as the first. With all the numerous amount of trailers and specials hovering around this movie I was weary about seeing it. While it looked like it had some good action, I was doubtful of a good plot. But, the website calls and I had to take one for the team. I expected little of X-Men 2.




In short, X-Men 2 is what happens when Magneto (the bad guy played by Ian McKellan) is forced to become a snitch and corrupt humans kidnap Xavier (the good bald guy in the wheel chair).

X2 is not as poorly written as I had feared. In fact, the story line is truly enjoyable and there is a plot. The movie is gripping until the end, when the plot slows and sequel is calling. X-Men 2 is not a movie that will challenge your intellect, nor will it make you feel dumber for watching.

The casting was excellent, Hugh Jackman never fails to impress as Wolverine and Jean Luc... err, Patrick Stewart is phenomenal as Professor Xavier. The set and costume design is brilliant and true to form.

Another thing that helps make the movie enjoyable was the editing. Editing helped keep X2 fast paced so that there was rarely a dull move.

The soundtrack seemed nonexistent, so take that as you will. With this movie a noticeable soundtrack would not have fit. More than likely, it would have taken from the story and action sequences.




X-Men 2was attention-grabbing. The action is intense and wastes no time getting to huge elaborate sequences. The new characters are enjoyable and they do not waste much time describing each characters trait (which becomes apparent anyhow). Fortunately, there is no relying on love scenes that just don't fit, like many of these comic movies do. Another great thing is that X2 does not put too much emphasis on one character, but on the group as a whole. Each character has their provocative scenes which all lend a hand to the plot.
The action scenes are some of the best I have ever seen; the scenes with Nightcrawler and Deathstrike are simply unbelievable. It's evident that a lot of effort went into making this movie graphically appealing and it is quite successful at that.



Where does this movie rate compared to other comic books that became recent movies? To the average viewer: Somewhere in the lower half: It is not better than Spiderman, or even Daredevil. But it does beat it's own predecessor. The plot was improved and the action sequences, as stated, were original. It's a fun movie to watch, but it is just what it is: A comic book adapted to film. So, in that aspect, it may be a movie worth watching if you are merely looking for a movie that keeps you on the edge of your seat. For the action sequences alone, rent this movie if you decide to not catch it on the big screen.

623 Words Published: 24 April 2003

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