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Tears of the Sun (2003)

118 minutes

Directed by Antione Fuqua
Written by Alex Lasker, Patrick Cirillo

 · Bruce Willis
 · Monica Bellucci

Review by The Gnome (Billy Dal Porto)

It's funny that I picked today to review today to review this movie, cause it just so happens to be Bruce Willis's birthday... but only a movie geek like me would know that. Willis stars as a Navy SEAL sent on a mission to bring back a doctor (Monica Belluci) sitting in the middle of a war between cultures in Nigeria. Only problem is that she won't come back unless Willis allows 70 refugees to come with her. It's your classic war movie where the hero becomes a hero by defying orders.




Slow. Very, very slow. It takes forever to even get into any action, and when that happens, it's so quick that you're hardly able to really get behind Willis and his band of rebels. Sure, there are moments of suspense, and sometimes you are able to really enjoy the movie, but you should be able to enjoy the entire film, not just certain parts.

The action itself is just plain violence, not "the drama of war" like most war films should be. It's just a plain action film, and nothing more. So really, when this flick comes out on DVD, if you see it in your friends collection anywhere near Platoon, smack them.




In reality, Willis would have been court marshalled for even attempting a stunt like this, whether or not he could even pull it off. Of course, reality doesn't exist in a movie like this, and of course, neither do ethics. Most people that rally against war say that we should NEVER get involved with another countries' politics or problems. However, the second people are getting injured and dying at the hands of radicals, they want to put our soldiers lives in danger. It works vice versa with those that are support of war.

It's an interesting point to bring up at this current time, just because most people against the war in Iraq have no clue what they're talking about and those that are for it have no clue either. No one knows ANYTHING about what we're doing or the consequences, yet they know enough to make decisions.

Bruce Willis doesn't have enough information to make the decisions he does in this movie, and I don't honestly believe any intelligent SEAL is going to make one that could get any of his men killed at the risk of getting himself into trouble and interferring in foreign issues. It's just the kind of thing that fustrates you when watching a movie like this. Unrealistic decisions in a realistic world. I'm fed up with that kind of thing, so that's why I docked this movie.

The writing isn't all that great, yet they managed not to make it awful by having an almost silent script. The camera angles are good, but that's just more a sign of the times rather than creativity. Let's just say that this movie is less art, more grit.

The acting isn't all that bad, though. The actors play their parts to a tee, and I really don't blame them in any way for the failure of this film. The blame should go straight to the director of this film, since it just doesn't come off all that interesting. It's bland and tasteless violence, and it came out at a time that it could best exploit the world issues currently happening.



Personally, I would have only paid 4 bucks to see this movie... it's only worth that. This is not Die Hard by a LONG shot, and anyone really willing to make that kind of an association really doesn't get movies. If you like action films, you MIGHT like this one. Otherwise, keep your money... wait for HBO.

615 Words Published: 20 March 2003

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