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One Hour Photo (2002)

R 96 minutes

Directed by Mark Romanek
Written by Mark Romanek

 · Robin Williams
 · Connie Nielsen
 · Michael Vartan

Review by The Gnome (Billy Dal Porto)

Robin Williams is a great actor. This movie is proof of that. While not being the most entertaining thing I've ever seen, Williams is able to take you through a downward spiral like no other and leave with nothing but pity in your heart.




This movie was very well written and is still able to get to me everytime I watch it. The direction is brilliant and the camera angles used here are something to really take note of, even if you don't normally notice that kind of thing. The show is stolen by Williams ability to change his personality at the flick of a switch. He may be one of the funniest guys in the business, but he's also the most charsmatic and talented.

Romanek directs music videos for Trent Reznor, and if you've ever liked a Nine Inch Nails video, then you'll probably like this film. You see a lot of the same angles and camera tricks you see in Reznors videos.

The only problem with this film is it's confusing twist at the end. Most are confused by it, as I was, and it's just not something you catch the first time around.




While being a well done film, it's still not something you'd watch for leisure. Studying it may be something worthwhile for film school and such, but when it comes to sheer entertainment value, I really cannot suggest this film for the mere fact that it's just that damn sad. I mean, Williams is able to entertain us in other dimensions, but here, he just drags you down into this pit of sorrow. Not for viewing pleasure at all.



You feel like feeling sorry for someone so much it almost hurts? Watch this film. Otherwise, rent something else. This movie is not for the weak hearted.

301 Words Published: 20 March 2003

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