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Jackass: The Movie (2002)

87 minutes

Directed by Jeff Tremaine
Written by Jeff Tremaine, Spike Jonze, Johnny Knoxville

 · Johnny Knoxville
 · Bam Margera
 · Steve-O
 · Chris Pontius
 · Jason Acuna

Review by Dante

If you don't laugh when someone gets kicked in the balls..stop reading here. Avoid this DVD. The rest of you are in need of a shrink (myself, included).
It seems that anyone and everyone has heard about the gang from Jackass by now. It all started when Bam Margera began the CKY video's of people doing extravagant stunts or tricks and was popularized by the hit MTV show. Somehow they got this bright idea to make a movie.




What better to start with than "The Popcorn?" Really, Jackass is nothing more than entertainment. After all, how smart can a Wasabi Snooter really be? Jackass is a movie that will make your immature side laugh or throw up from start to finish. The movie never takes itself seriously, and this purpose is well defined from the beginning. You watch because you wonder what stupid thing they'll do next, you watch because you think: "Are they really going to do that?" But, that is what makes Jackass so entertaining: There is nothing you can put past these guys.




"Smarts" doesn't began to describe this movie... Wild, stupid, idiotic, dumb as hell...these guys are complete lunatics, right??? But isn't that what we love about those Jackass guys? The movie is no different than their MTV show, just bigger stunts and more funding. But, it is not truly a movie, more like clips of their inane stunts strung together. So, when looking for a "film," obviously, Jackass doesn't have it. However, their craziness is quite original, they had some hilarious ideas and you can see even more of them from the DVD version.



If you're still reading... Congratulations, you like a shot in the balls. Is it worth buying the DVD? If you are a fan of the show or any of the CKY movies than definitely buy it. The DVD has more bonus material than you can shake a stick at. In fact, there's some scenes that were deleted that were even better than those on the movie, itself. The commentary is interesting to hear. However, if you aren't familiar with Bam, Johnny, and the gang, only rent it if you want a one time laugh of people getting hurt.

367 Words Published: 14 April 2003

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