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Malibu's Most Wanted (2003)

PG-13 86 minutes

Directed by John Whitesell
Written by Fax Bahr, Nick Swardson, Jamie Kennedy

 · Jamie Kennedy
 · Taye Diggs
 · Blair Underwood
 · Regina Hall (I)

Review by Dante

While I'd never heard of Jamie Kennedy from Scream... The first time I ever took notice of him, I was at a friend's house watching television when "The Jamie Kennedy Experience" came on. I realized the point of the show in seconds and figured it to merely be another deviation of "Candid Camera," a la boring. But when I began to watch it, I saw how hilarious Jamie Kennedy was and how I was completely wrong in my initial thoughts.
So, when I saw the first preview for Malibu's Most Wanted, you would have thought that I had learned my lesson. No, not really, I suspected it to be an 8 Mile mockumentary. Still, I knew it'd be funny, I just didn't think there would be any depth to the movie at all. I was hoping that the future one-liners would be enough to justify seeing it, so I was somewhat excited.




Malibu's Most Wanted is about a politician's son, who is feared that he will bring the campaign to ruin. "Why is this?" you ask. Simple, Brad Gluckmann isn't a normal politicians son: He is a white rapper. Brad's father and crew devise a way to scare Brad "white," have him taken to the "real" hood.
Believe it or not the plot in Malibu's Most Wanted is not executed all that badly. Brad, or B-Rad G, as he so eloquently puts it, looks to have walked "straight outta" 8 Mile. Thankfully, this movie is not a pure mockumentary of 8 Mile. In fact, there is only one scene where 8 Mile is mocked and the limited dose makes it all the more comedic.
The writing of Malibu's Most Wanted is much better than anticipated, the dialogue is fluid, and it is not inconsistent. Kennedy's acting is so suited for the role that it makes you wonder if he really is acting at all. He keeps true to character throughout the movie without fail. The soundtrack fit and, while there is nothing spectacular about the appearance of the movie, there is some good camera shots to add to the comedy.




Malibu's Most Wanted is a laugh a minute. This is far from a movie that looks good on the trailers but fails to deliver. While the trailers give more away than I would have liked, the humor is abundant and the jokes are generally original.
The antics of B-Rad and supporting cast work well together, Taye Diggs and Anthony Anderson are wonderful compliments to Kennedy. The fact that the plot is decent enables them to do a lot more with the cast and each actor plays their roles to a "T."
Malibu's Most Wanted becomes much more than I had anticipated: It was not just another comedy movie, but it attempts to make a point. Luckily, they do not get preachy either. The only complaint is that it seems to be too edited in spots.



So, have I learned my lesson about Jamie Kennedy? After this movie, yes. Malibu's Most Wanted was one of the funniest movies this year, packed with one liners galore, and it is all due to Jamie Kennedy.
I was very pleased to see that this was not just another spoof on movies (courtesy Naked Gun, Hot Shots, etc.). Those movies were good in their own rite, but not what I had hoped for in Malibu's Most Wanted.
All I really need to say is... This movie "tested postitive...for G-A-M-E." In other words, it's the shiznit. Go see it and, definitely, buy Malibu's Most Wanted on DVD.

591 Words Published: 27 April 2003

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