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Anger Management (2003)

PG-13 106 minutes

Directed by Peter Segal
Written by David Dorfman

 · Adam Sandler
 · Jack Nicholson
 · Marisa Tomei

Review by The Gnome (Billy Dal Porto)

Adam Sandler and Jack Nicholson. Who in their right mind would ever pair these two up for a movie? I mean, seriously, the thought of Sandler even working with Nicholson boggles the mind... unless, you're Peter Segal. The man behind many of Sandler's classic comedies spins it out once more and goes for the craziest of his ideas yet, but it works so well that you would expect Sandler and Nicholson had been working together for years. It just goes to show you how well two great actors can work together with a director who for the most part stays out of the spotlight.




For a Sandler flick(or is this a Nicholson film?), it's not that bad of a plot. A man finds himself in anger management after a incident on a plane which wasn't his fault to begin with. Soon, he comes to realize that the good doctor is far from on the level. Far fetched? A little, but it worked. That's what counts. Of course, the twist at the end made it all terribly unbelievable, and kind of ruined the film for me, but it was still a good comedy script for a Sandler flick.

I am going to give this film credit though for addressing the sensitivity of air travel. I'm not saying that it was done in an effort to bring satire to that issue, but they producers were certainly not ashamed of doing so. Lots of critics have given this film flak for having made light of the situation, but it's a ridiculous situation anyway, so who the hell are you guys trying to impress?




Very funny film with laughs galore. Adam Sandler is as great as ever with his over the top personality explosion, and adding Jack Nicholson to the mix was a really odd idea that turned out really well. Jack's been one of the best in the business for a long time now, and it amazed me that most people had no idea he could do such wonderful comedy. John Tuturro and Allen Covert are veterans in Sandler's comedy troup, and as ever, they make themselves an integral part of the cast. That's really the best thing about a Sandler movie, the minor roles that his friends play, not the story in general. So it's a common Sandler recipe with Jack's crazy comedy adding itself to the mix. Makes for a funny main course if you ask me.



I guess, in conclusion, it's a Sandler flick that has finally gone right after a LONG slump. It's worth the money just to watch Nicholson act 40 years younger than he is(though how many people even care that he's that old anyway?). That's 1 hit, Sandler... let's see if 50 First Kisses can give you a streak.

463 Words Published: 26 April 2003

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