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Anger Management (2003)

PG-13 106 minutes

Directed by Peter Segal
Written by David Dorfman

 · Adam Sandler
 · Jack Nicholson
 · Marisa Tomei

Review by Buttercup

I wanted to see this movie simply because it starred Adam Sandler. I am an Adam Sandler fan and have seen all his movies. I didn't see many trailers for it (I think I was living in a cave at that time) so I didn't have many expectations of it except for the typical Sandler plot: be in love, lose or nearly lose the girl, do something stupendous that no real human could pull off, get the girl in the end. The only real twist I saw in store for this movie was that Jack Nicholson starred opposite Adam.




I liked the way everything was set up. I liked the introductions of the characters, I liked the flight attendants. I mostly loved how one incident could get so blown out of proportion as they usually do.

I have never been a big fan of Jack personally and was curious as to how he would do in this film. I think it took a good portion of the movie for the two personalities to play off each other well but when they did it was great.

The ending really did it for me. About fifteen minutes before the end I figured I would walk away from this movie much as I do any Sandler movie: worth it but nothing new. The ending made me think twice about that, maybe ranking it a bit higher on the Sandler list than before.




We've all been there where you wish you could speak up for yourself or you wish you could just get rid of that annoyance sitting next to you. We can all relate to Sandler's character somewhere throughout this film. I think that is what makes his movies so comical to me. Even though the humor is recycled and the situations have often been played out before, there is always just that something extra that you look out for.

I always look for the moments in a movie that make me wonder what I would do if I were there. The situation in the airplane, in the car, with his buddy. They're all higher points in the movie that you look forward to.

While there are no real special effects here there is old fashioned laughter that most of us look forward to once in a while.



Anyone who likes Adam Sandler would like this movie. Anyone who likes seeing Jack Nicholson in a more awkward and lunatic role would enjoy this film as well. I think this movie was worth the money and time though I wouldn't revisit it in the theatres. Once released to DVD, though, I know I will own it... even if it is just for the sake of continuing my Sandler collection.

455 Words Published: 19 May 2003

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