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Bruce Almighty (2003)

PG-13 · 0 minutes

Directed by Tom Shadyac
Written by Steve Koren, Mark O\\\'Keefe

 · Jim Carrey
 · Jennifer Aniston
 · Morgan Freeman

Review by Dante

Whether in one of his many movies or when he was on In Living Color, it seems as though nearly everybody has, at some point, witnessed the acting of Jim Carrey. His career seemed to truly peak in the mid-nineties as The Mask drew in millions of dollars and Jim Carrey became the highest paid actor in Hollywood. But, after a few sub par movies such as The Cable Guy and Me, Myself, and Irene it seemed as though Jim Carrey’s career was destined for future mediocrity. After witnessing the trailers for Bruce Almighty, I had every hope that this could be career saving.




Bruce Almighty is a story of a man, Bruce (Jim Carrey), who seems to find himself in the worst possible positions at the worst possible time. When Bruce is finally fed up and can no longer stand his less than average life, he questions God and inevitably meets Him (Morgan Freeman). In a stunt to show Bruce the reason for things as they are, God endows Bruce with His powers.

Bruce Almighty is not the most original or innovative plot. It is very typical for a Jim Carrey movie and seems to have more potential than it lives up to. In fact, the plot is somewhat reminiscent of Liar, Liar. While Bruce Almighty does attempt to make a good point, it is only partially successful. Most of the dialogue is funny, but it just is not all that it could be. The best scenes could merely be seen in the movie trailer.

The casting, which also includes Jennifer Anniston, is excellent. While Bruce Almighty isn’t an exceptional film, the supporting cast is very well chosen and made for a better overall movie.

The soundtrack is the one thing about Bruce Almighty that excelled. The movie included one of the most fitting soundtracks of the year and each song was appropriately placed. Regardless of some of the music style, it suited the movie.




Going into the movie, I had assumed that entertainment value was the real reason for viewing and it is, but it is not as side-splitting as I had hoped. Jim Carrey’s acting is not too terrible, but he reverts back to his immature and over-the-top self. While the humor is enjoyable Jim Carrey’s technique gets a little old.

There is probably more introduction than needed and I would have, personally, liked to see more of what Bruce would do with God’s powers. In reality, I think this is what makes Bruce Almighty captivating: The question, “what would you do with God’s powers?” This question is answered for a good part of the movie, but I still was left wanting a little more humor and a little more action. Some of the scenes made for a small laugh, but only one stands out above the others.

While the principal of the story makes for a good family movie, it is not all that consistent. There are many scenes that are not suited for the children. I am not truly sure what age group they were going for and I wonder if they, themselves, knew.



All in all, Bruce Almighty is an enjoyable movie to watch. I wouldn’t consider myself a huge Jim Carrey fan, but he has done many movies that I have liked. While it will not keep you up at night doubled-up laughing in Jim Carrey nostalgia, it is definitely worth a viewing. The supporting cast is actually what makes this movie. If you’re a die-hard Jim Carrey never-did-a-thing-wrong type fan, please go see it in theatre. Everyone else; you could probably wait till the DVD.

603 Words · Published: 23 May 2003

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