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Bruce Almighty (2003)

PG-13 0 minutes

Directed by Tom Shadyac
Written by Steve Koren, Mark O\\\'Keefe

 · Jim Carrey
 · Jennifer Aniston
 · Morgan Freeman

Review by Zac

God is good. And so is Bruce Almighty.
Bruce Almighty is the story of Bruce (Jim Carrey), a down-on-his-luck newsreporter that is sick of his crappy life (though coming home to Jennifer Aniston would be incentive enough for me). He begins to take his aggression out on God, who then bestows his devine powers on Bruce. Only then does Bruce realize the weight that comes with being Ruler of All.




While Carrey's typical looney antics may make some parts of the film unbelievable and unbearable at times, Jim did a good job playing the role of a man with the powers of the Creator. Carrey's acting, especially when he first gets the power, will make anyone realize that they would do the exact same thing if they were in the same situation.
Bruce Almighty also would've been nothing without it's supporting cast. Jennifer Aniston did a wonderful job playing the worried, religious girlfriend of Bruce; and not to mention Morgan Freeman's wonderful performance as the heavenly host.
Combine all this with a wonderful soundtrack(all songs relating to the subject matter of the movie, like "I Got the Power" and "What if God Was One of Us"), creative dialogue (like Biblical references that a Priest wouldn't even catch), & an all-out great crew, and you'll have one Smart movie.




One scene that brings home the Popcorn of Bruce Almighty is when God and Bruce have a meeting on the top of Mt. Everest. "Is this Heaven?" Bruce asks. God goes on to explain their exact location, but yet I was still in awe of the beauty of the scene.
This was the real extent of the awe-inspiring visuals in the movie, however many small add-ins are to the benefit of the him. From Bruce parting the Red Sea of tomato soup, to pulling the moon closer to Earth inorder to insure a romantic evening between him and his girlfriend, Bruce Almighty is packed with some great visuals.
However, not only to the visual effects in the film make it fun to watch, but also the hilarity that is squeezed into each scene. Some of the humor in Bruce Almighty comes from the strangest places, one can't help but wonder what the writers were on when they wrote it. But whatever it was, it had to have been some good stuff.



Anyone can enjoy Bruce Almighty. I was a tad skeptical at first, fearing the movie would turn out to be a bit sacreligious, but I assure that all you Bible-lovers will not be offended at all by anything in Bruce Almighty. But alas, you don't have to be a Church-goer to love Bruce Almighty, fore the movie doesn't press religion in any way. So go see it, and take a loved one, take a friend, heck, take your minister.

467 Words Published: 26 May 2003

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