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Wrong Turn (2003)

R 0 minutes

Directed by Rob Schmidt
Written by Alan B. McElroy

 · Desmond Harrington
 · Eliza Dushku
 · Emmanuelle Chriqui

Review by Rhonda

Let me say that I am a big fan of horror movies. I love horror in all it's forms, yes, even the cheap B movies that go straight to video (most of them). It's mindless fun; escapism at it's cheap, tawdry best. Like women who are addicted to dime store Romance novels, I love my stupid horror flicks.

I hadn't so much as seen a trailer for Wrong Turn, but I knew the genre and that was enough for me. So, I settled down in my seat, pulled out my contraband candy, and bit my lip in anticipation.




The Popcorn comes first in this case, because that's really all this movie has. Did anyone really expect more?

The entertainment value here comes from two main sources. The first is the acting. The two main characters are played by Eliza Dushku and Desmond Harrington. Both were convincing and most importantly, sexy. I've never seen Harrington in anything else, and he impressed me enough I made an effort to find out more about him. It's not like they have A+ material to work with here, yet they both did admirable jobs. For some reason, Harrington reminded me of the quiet, intense appeal of Lee Majors, back in the day.

The second major boon Wrong Turn has going for it is the suspense. There's some pretty good moments in the movie, moments that really 'pop' and make you jump out of your seat. A few good scares can be hard to come by these days.

It's also worth noting Stan Winston did the special effects makeup, and he did a superb job, as always. There's no sense in not mentioning the movie revolves around some very, very inbred mountain men, as it's given away in the opening credits. Winston did an awesome job creating the mutated freaks here, it's totally revolting!

Wrong Turn looses points for being too gory, at least with me. The amount of gore here took away from my enjoyment of the film, but many horror fans love excessive blood and guts. If you are a fan of that, it should really add to the film for you, as there is plenty of it.




If anyone goes to see this film for Smarts, they deserve the disappointment they are going to get. It's lacking in nearly every area here.

The plot doesn't have a shred of originality. As a matter of fact, I recall an X-Files episode with the exact same plot, and Wrong Turn doesn't have Moulder and Scully's endearing banter.

The direction is not so good either. Several times the transition between scenes is terribly clumsy, as if the director just didn't know what to do, so he did nothing. At least one time, the screen fades to white to indicate the passing of time, which is kinda lame, and derails the intensity of the situation.

Plot holes, plot holes, plot holes. You can hardly take a step without falling in one here. Considering the writing is entirely formulaic, you'd think they could've tightened it up a bit. Just once, I'd like to see a horror movie that doesn't rely on the stupidity of the characters to advance the plot.

The only saving grace here is the aforementioned decent acting, and pretty damn disgusting bad guys.



Overall, I got exactly what I came for....two hours of pure, mindless escapism. I enjoyed Wrong Turn more than the slew of teen slasher flicks that have come out in recent years. This may be because the movie's characters are twenty-somethings and it seems to be aiming at that maturity level. It would make a good date movie if your date is not squeamish.

Otherwise, I'd say wait for the rental, and even then, only if you are a horror fan, or you need something to watch on Halloween.

637 Words Published: 2 June 2003

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