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Daddy Day Care (2003)

PG 93 minutes

Directed by Steve Carr (III)
Written by Geoff Rodkey

 · Eddie Murphy
 · Anjelica Huston
 · Hailey Noelle Johnson

Review by Buttercup

When I first saw this movie advertised I thought 'Yay! A movie about what I do for a living!' Finding that kids are naturally funny on their own, I was expecting a ton of humor and a bit of sentimental crap about them growing up towards the end.




I'm still waiting to see the acting in this movie. Sometimes when people cast kids they just shine. I think this one needs some polishing. The only thing that he did to make me laugh was in the outtakes during the credits. As for the writing of this movie...I don't even know where to start. A few valid points I'd like to share, working from experience. First, they couldn't seem to decide what aged kids they were working with. I heard 5, then 3, and then Charlie's son being 4. Either way, if the youngest kid was 3, the ration would be 13 to 1 adult...and my other biggest gripe was the whole deal with CPS. CPS stands for Children Protective Services (or something close to it) and if you have CPS called on you it is because someone has said you are either abusing or neglecting the children in your care. If you want a facility checked to see if it meets STATE regulations...you'd call State. And, with everything that house didn't have right, there was NO way it could be done in one evening. -_-; I was also looking forward to some really cute kid moments and was disappointed to see that only two children had defined personalities and that they actually talked about them throughout the movie.




Provided you find humor in little kids crying annoyingly and kicking you (which you don't when it happens every day to you) you'll find this movie hilarious. Humor? I guess if you did not work in daycare you could overlook the massacre of regulations and find some humor (of course, if you're like me and despise people who bribe kids, you likely won't find Phil very funny at all). And romance! When the good looking Mom asks the Trekkie out on a date...you know she's just after a live-in babysitter.



While my expectations held this movie really high, they just kept dropping and dropping to the point where I almost wished their Daycare was yanked from them. Man, am I sorry I paid $8 to see exactly what kind of day care I never want to work in.

405 Words Published: 13 June 2003

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