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Bruce Almighty (2003)

PG-13 0 minutes

Directed by Tom Shadyac
Written by Steve Koren, Mark O\\\'Keefe

 · Jim Carrey
 · Jennifer Aniston
 · Morgan Freeman

Review by Buttercup

I have grown up with Jim Carey. Ever since I knew I had a sense of humor I always looked to him to share it with the entire theatre. As I grew and as he took on new roles we drifted, he needed a more serious commitment while I still wanted a care free and humorous affair. I thought all was over between us until I saw this movie.




There are some movies that have scenes that jump out at you, literally, with special effects. There are some scenes that will jump out at you with stunts and fire and eye-grabbing tricks. This movie didn't have any of these. Instead, this movie had scenes that took the laughter out of your body and announced it to everyone. There were scenes that made you think and scenes that made you *really* think. There was no religious badgering, there was no stuffing of religious beliefs. It was all very casual and very well introduced.




There are few things in this media world that can make me laugh out loud and even fewer things that can make me laugh out loud alone. Not that I was laughing completely alone...alright, I may have been. Jim Carey was his usual humorous self with a wonderful sentiment towards the end, thus showing me that while we can still have our laughs, we can have our serious moments too...without wondering if he would ever come back to the Almighty silver screen.



I figured this was going to be a final pleading attempt from Jim to convince me that he could be the man I used to know. I figured it would be cheesy, it would be average, and last of all, it would contain less humor than a hospital. I am so glad I was proven wrong. Again, another movie I will have to own as soon as it hits DVD. ^^;

314 Words Published: 19 June 2003

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