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Golden Compass, The (2007)

PG-13 118 minutes

Directed by Chris Weitz
Written by Chris Weitz

 · Daniel Craig
 · Dakota Blue Richards
 · Nicole Kidman
 · Sam Elliott

Review by Black Sheep (Joseph B

Young Lyra (Dakota Blue Richards) lives in a world where witches wage war and giant polar bears are warriors.  The people she walks amongst walk alongside their daemon spirits, which are essentially each person




Writer/Director Chris Weitz originally backed out on directing this project.  He felt the grandiose special effects driven blockbuster was out of his directorial league.  Having only directed a couple of smaller comedies (ABOUT A BOY and an uncredited second director on AMERICAN PIE), I can understand why he would be overwhelmed by the task of adapting Philip Pullman




Urgency is also lacking in THE GOLDEN COMPASS.  We know because we are told that Lyra, according to the prophecies of the witches, is the one person with the ability to read the alethiometer.  We also know that, again because we are told, that a great war is coming.  Lyra



THE GOLDEN COMPASS is much more along the same vein as the Harry Potter movies or the Narnia franchise than a successor to the thrown where the Lord of the Rings trilogy sits quite comfortably.  Peter Jackson drew millions into the plight of a few hobbits by allowing their journey and its importance to speak for itself and by making correlations between that world and ours.  Weitz has no control over the vast ground he has to cover.  He

221 Words Published: 8 December 2007

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