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Star Trek (2009)

PG-13 126 minutes

Directed by J. J. Abrams
Written by Roberto Orci, Alex Kurtzman

 · Chris Pine
 · Zachary Quinto
 · John Cho
 · Simon Pegg
 · Zoe Saldana
 · Eric Bana
 · Karl Urban

Review by Philter

It's been 23 years since audiences boldly followed the Star Trek crew's Voyage Home, the last film of the franchise worth mentioning.  Seven years ago, audiences boldly...  stayed home, for the disappointing Nemesis. Finally, Stardate May 8th 2009, Star Trek movie that nails it! People wonder why so many remakes are being made and I think I know why. No one expected a Bond movie, after Die Another Day, to be as huge and brilliant as Casino Royale. No one ever expected a Batman movie, after Batman and Robin, to break almost every record known to the box office like Dark Knight. The reason the Bond and Batman reboots were so successful is because they were taken seriously, written intelligently and executed perfectly. Star Trek, welcome to the club!  This isn't just a retelling of stories audiences saw 40 years ago. This takes the Trek of 40 years ago and flips it on its head. Star Trek is an instant classic! From the perfect cast, to the perfect use of time travel, this movie is the first of 2009 to have everything I could ask for and still leave me wanting more.




It's hard to believe that writers Roberto Orci and Alex Kurtzman also worked on Transformers 2. Star Trek is like a long hard days work for Orci and Kurtzman, while Transformers 2 is like their vacation. In other words, Star Trek is pretty much the exact opposite of Transformers 2. Star Trek is smart, innovative, fun, and relatable. While the movie is Sci-fi/action it is not without well placed humor, and a handful of powerful, emotional moments. This movie balances everything that is thrown at it in great style. J.J. Abrams deserves an immense amount of credit too. Abrams' work has always been well thought out and well executed. Star Trek is no different, and that is why the movie blew my mind. Orci, Kurtzman and Abrams found a way to relaunch Star Trek in a completely new direction, while respecting the massively popular franchise. This movie doesn't erase the 40 years of history that fans worship; the 40-year history is represented on screen by Leonard Nimoy as Spock Prime. This Star Trek simply deals with the butterfly effects in an alternate time line that was the result of a black hole... I know time travel can be tricky for some people but rest assured, Star Trek makes it pretty easy to follow. The only reason you'll need to watch the movie again is because you want to, and trust me you will.




In order to be successful, Abrams knew Star Trek had to get actors that were capable of delivering the material. When they cast a lesser known actor in the iconic role of James T Kirk it confirmed they were taking the movie seriously. It would have been easy to cast the rumored Matt Damon to play Kirk and draw a lot of attention. Instead they cast the right guy for the role. Chris Pine became an overnight sensation with his portrayal of Kirk. Pine brings a natural sense of determination to the role. Whether it is a four-on-one fight or the Kobayashi Maru--the unwinnable test--Kirk won't let himself fail. This gives him a bit of a cocky, I can never be wrong, swagger that balances Spock's always-logical attitude perfectly. I can't think of a better actor to play half Vulcan/half Human other than Zachary Quinto. He has been the only person worth watching on the mega-popular TV show Heroes, but he finds himself in great company on the Enterprise. Fans are used to seeing Spock (and most vulcans) as unchanging stoics, but Spock changes as much as Kirk does by the end of the movie. Quinto subtly and believably transforms Spock from the cold, logical, vulcan to a more understanding, optimistic being. There is a point in the movie where he could really overplay this transistion, but he keeps it real. The entire cast is truly outstanding honestly. I fear explaining anymore would get really repetitive and redundant. Ultimately Star Trek joins The Dark Knight and The Departed as movies I would reccomend solely for their performances.



It's taken a long time, but Star Trek has returned with a mission. An ongoing mission to explore strange new film styles, seek out broader audiences, to boldly go where no Trek film has ever gone before. If there is any justice in the film industry, this wont be the final frontier for the relaunched franchise. There are two movies so far this summer that I recommend everyone should see in theaters, Hangover is number 2, Star Trek is number 1.

773 Words Published: 4 July 2009

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