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007: Die Another Day (2002)

PG-13 133 minutes

Directed by Lee Tamahori
Written by Ian Fleming, Neal Purvis, Robert Wade

 · Pierce Brosnan
 · Halle Berry
 · Toby Stephens
 · Rosamund Pike
 · Rick Yune

Review by Zac

What is happening to the Bond franchise? Die Another Day was pretty decent... for a Sci-Fi/Action movie. However, this was NOT a good James Bond movie. Being a Bond-film fan myself, I am going to review this movie from that stand-point, and not look at it just as a regular movie.




Ok, the movie was stupid, and even left me severly confused throughout most of it's runtime. I'm not sure what the writers had in mind when they wrote this, methinks they thought they were writting a comic book or something, which, on it's own would've been awesome, but not here, not in the Bond franchise. From a villian who has diamonds inbedded in his face, to DNA transfers, to 3-D training programs, Die Another Day is so unbelievable, you would vomit in an angry rage!

For instance, the new Q has technology that, by far, outdoes Desmond Llewelyn's Q, but it isn't nessisarily a good thing at all. One thing I loved about the old 007 films were the original Q's funny, clever gadgets that he would scatter throughout James' cars, clothes, etc etc etc. However, the new Q (played by John Cleese) has invisible cars and sunglasses that give the wearer a 3-D, interactive view of what he or she wants. Utterly unbelievable and totally stupid.




The look of Die Another Day is outstanding, what with the icy cool villians, the beautiful Ice Palace, a few really good fight scenes, oh, and Halle Berry.

One of my favorite scenes in the movie was indeed an awesome sword-fight betwix Mr. Bond and a for now unnamed character. Though quite predictable and unbelievable at times, watching it had me on the edge of my seat.

Another chilling part in this film is the villian, Zao, the guy you've seen in the trailers with the bald, white head and diamonds sunken into his face. When he entered on screen, you'd feel a cold rush go up your spine, and although he could've been more menacing, he still froze me in my seat when he'd give his icy stare to our beloved Double-0 agent.

The only visual disappointment I had was the infamous opening dance scene that is in every 007 movie. It seems the last James Bond films have had more CGI dancing girls than the originals that had real people, which makes you feel dirty for enjoying it. I had a sinking feeling the dance sequence wouldn't live up to par when I first heard Madonna's theme song for Die Another Day. Don't get me wrong, it's a good song, but it just doesn't belong in a James Bond film at all.



If you're a James Bond fan, of course you're going to see Die Another Day whether or not I tell you not to. My only advice is don't expect much when you enter, or your heart will be crushed much like mine was. However, if you're not a 007 fanatic, I wouldn't recommend seeing this in theater, but I still suggest if you're interested, you should check it out on video when it comes out. This movie had true potential, but it just couldn't pull through. Hopefully the next James Bond film will be better, because as the credits said at the end:
"Bond will return."

548 Words Published: 23 November 2002

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