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Minority Report (2002)

PG-13 140 minutes

Directed by Steven Spielberg
Written by John Cohen, Scott Frank

 · Tom Cruise
 · Colin Farrell

Review by Zac

Action! Suspense! Drama! No, this isn't a plug for Fox's Fall Season Line-up, it's a short list of the millions of reasons why Minority Report, starring Tom Cruise and directed by Sir Steven Speilberg, is a fantastic work of art! Beautiful effects and a stunning plot-line, Spielberg has more than made a statement with this one!




I mean, as if Spielberg could do anything bad. (Well, I've heard rumors about A.I., but haven't seen it myself.) Minority Report is fast paced (most of the time), mind-twisting entertainment the whole way around. Chock full of mystery, something new around each corner... it's all thanks to the excellent quality of the script. One thing I really enjoyed about this movie is that (unlike most movies involving a form of present time/future time interaction), there are no noticable continuity errors. Being a big fan of the Back to the Future films, I am one for a good time-interupting movie, and this is it. The dialogue is very real, and you are convinced the majority of the time of the emotions and situations presented in this movie. And of course, Spielberg did an excellent job.




And the movie is, infact, VERY entertaining. The afore mentioned fast-paced, mind-bending nature of the film is splendid and keeps you on the edge of your seat during most of the movie. The special-effects are certainly to die for, as not only is the future Washington DC greatly displayed, but even small, insignificant effects are scattered throughout the film. Such as one scene in which Tom Cruise's character picks up a cereal box and it instantly starts playing music, with the mascots dancing around the lit-up box. Spielberg payed a LOT of attention to detail in this flick, and thus, in this reviewer's opinion, it paid off.



So all in all, a great movie. It's worth the ever-increasing ticket price and there's never a dull moment. Go see it. You will be glad you did.

326 Words Published: 18 July 2002

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