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Daredevil (2003)

PG-13 105 minutes

Directed by Mark Steven Johnson
Written by Mark Steven Johnson

 · Ben Affleck
 · Jennifer Garner
 · Michael Clarke Duncan
 · Colin Farrell

Review by Philter

Ben Affleck. That is enough to make me want to see a movie. Daredevil, a very cool character the comic of the same name, now turned into a film. I couldn't wait for this movie. I believe I started thinking about a DD film right after Spiderman came out. My brother and I both chose Affleck as Matt Murdock, before he was even approached about starring. After finding out he was the actual casting choice, I was ecstatic. I knew that Affleck was familiar with the character and knew he would do a good job. Ahhh, the anticipation for the first actual trailer. I believe it was first on Minority Report. After that one trailer I craved a lot more. More were released, and it was a lot of the same footage, but still enticing enough to place me outside Harkins theatres last Thursday, waiting for hours for the first showing of it. If the movie was half as good as Spiderman was, which is what I was expecting it to be, I would love it.

Well, Thursday night at about 9:12 when my press pass showing let out, I had gotten twice as much as I was expecting. The film blew me away. I have now seen it four times, and it's only the second real release day of the movie. As for its Box Office, I can only hope it beats out Matthew McConaguey's How To Lose A Guy In 10 Days, so I don't expect a $115 million opening, but story-wise, Spiderman seems like a Dr. Seuss when compared to Daredevil, which is more like a Stephen King or Tom Clancy novel.




This movie had great performances from the four main actors in it--perhaps a couple of those actors' best to date. It featured a compelling story line and a real dark tone, and in the end made you wanting more.

The biggest complaint i have with the film is that the wirework could have been improved. There is a scene where Elektra (Jennifer Garner) is jumping from rooftop to rooftop, and instead of having an impact when she landed it was as if she glided across.

The thing that set this from Spiderman is it was really ripped outta the comic. Actual scenes were exact in this movie. "You're good babe, but me, I'm magic!" And the opening scene with Daredevil crouched on a church cross, right from the pages of Daredevil. So, to be honest, I'm basing the smarts on the comic book, and not the movie, but the reason I've seen the movie so many times is that it's the most accurate adaptation of a comic book that has been made. That requires a hell of a lot of "Smarts".




I dont think that I am alone in thinking that this is Ben Affleck's best role yet. He showed the perfect types of emotion, and he had to play blind the entire time. To either is a feat, but to do both at once is something that takes a tremendous amount of talent. I don't know if it is Affleck or what, but I almost shed a tear in one certain scene on a rooftop. (Won't say too much.)

As for Jennifer Garner, I must also it is her best role yet. She exemplified Elektra's strong, spirited nature... And let me just say she looks mighty nice in leather too. But this isn't based on looks..... fully. She did do a wonderful job at playing a girl that could hold her own. Certainly made me not want to make her angry.

Farrell and Duncan both suffered from a lack of screen time. Colin, though, when on screen, captured me. I was entertained by his character most of all. He really plays the Irish punk role well... wait a sec, that's how he really is, well so much for that acting thing. But he was perfect. He was also funny--in the sadistically insane sense of the word. Duncan's role while short, was very "Sweeeeet!!!" There are those who complained about him, whining that the original Kingpin was white, but I honestly see the Kingpin as Duncan potrayed it, so therefore not only did he meet my expectations, but he got me gripping at the comic now. The drama was great.

Foggy... Ah, wonderful John Favreau. He was the comic releif, and a good one at that. Definitely the smart-ass of the film.
"Speaking of payments, Mr. Lee maid his payment today. In fluke. Fluke is a fish Matt did you know that, cause i sure as hell didn't."
"Mr.Lee is a nice old man, he doesnt have a lot of money, and he goes fishing on the weekend..."
"Yeah? Well I go salsa dancing on the weekends, doesnt mean I'm gonna shake my ass to pay my electric bill."
That's the kind of humor Favreau delivers throughout the entire film.

As I said before, this film suffered from the wirework and some noticeable CGI. The film could've been more enjoyable with some easy improvements in this area.



Obviously this film is worth an $8 ticket. Otherwise, I wouldnt have seen it seven times already. In my opinion it is a better film for older teens and adults than Spiderman was. I really urge you to see the film if you have not.

887 Words Published: 17 February 2003

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